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Thursday, September 1

Arrival, registration

At the Anargyrios & Korgialenios College

Start at 20:00

Welcome drinks and snacks at the A&K College



Friday, September 2

Session 1a:

Lipids and Golgi function I: Overview


Antonella de Matteis Lecture I (Naples, Italy)
The EMBO Keynote Lecture
The phosphoinositides and the Golgi complex


Tim Levine Lecture I (London, UK)
Biochemical Society Lecture
Intracellular traffic without vesicles - route 1


Suzanne Pfeffer Lecture I (Stanford, USA)
Control of membrane traffic by Rab GTPases


Student talks

  Chris Burd (New Haven, USA)
Lipid and protein sorting in the Golgi apparatus
  Carmen Valente (Naples, Italy)
Molecular mechanisms of Golgi membrane fission

The integrated view

afternoon / evening

Anne-Claude Gavin (Heidelberg, Germany)
Protein-lipid interactome

  Karel Wirtz (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Spetses, a rich history

Poster Pitch A

Poster session A



Saturday, September 3

Session 2a:

Lipids and membrane traffic I: Overview


Sandra Schmid Lecture I (Dallas, USA)
Clathrin-mediated endocytosis


Giampietro Schiavo Lecture I (London, UK)
Axonal transport: molecular complexes working overtime


Thomas Söllner Lecture I (Heidelberg, Germany)
Reconstitution of regulated exocytosis: components and methods


Student talks

  Guillaume Kulakowski (Paris, France)
Infuence of membrane order on Rab localization and curvature sensing by different Rab proteins
  Jorge Larios (Geneva, Switzerland)
Endosomal recruitment of ESCRTs induced by the lipid-binding protein ALIX
  Stefano De Tito (Naples, Italy)
In vitro reconstitution of the BARS-mediated fission machinery operating in the formation of post-Golgi membrane vesicles

The integrated view

afternoon / evening

Howard Riezman (Geneva, Switzerland)
Lipid homeostasis and function


Binks Wattenberg (Richmond, USA)
Regulation of sphingolipid biosynthesis in the endoplasmic reticulum


Students talks

  Manuel Rhiel (Heidelberg, Germany)
The core-proteome of mammalian COPI vesicles revealed by SILAC-based mass spectrometry

Poster session A viewing



Sunday, September 4

Session 3a:

Lipids and Organelle function I: Overview


Zvulun Elazar Lecture I (Rehovot, Israel)
Mechanism of autophagosome biogenesis


James McNew Lecture I (Houston, USA)
Shaping ER morphology: Bending membranes to task


Felix Wieland (Heidelberg, Germany)
Molecular mechanisms in vesicular transport


James E. Rothman  (New Haven, USA)
IUBMB Lecture
Vesicle traffic: then and now

afternoon / evening

Excursion and Meet the Expert sessions on the beach


Monday, September 5

Session 1b:

Lipids and Golgi function II: State-of-the-art


Antonella de Matteis Lecture II (Naples, Italy)
The EMBO Keynote Lecture
FAPP1 acts as a PI4P sensor at the ER-Golgi contact sites


Tim Levine Lecture II (London, UK)
Biochemical Society Lecture
Do lipid transfer proteins transfer lipids?


Suzanne Pfeffer Lecture II (Stanford, USA)
Rab GTPase control of transport vesicle tethering at the Golgi

  Fabiene Paumet (Philadelphia, USA)
Chlamydia co-opts ARF GTPases to control the development of its parasitic compartment

Student talks

  Serena Capasso (Naples, Italy)
Sphingolipid metabolic flow controls phosphoinositides turnover at the Golgi complex
  Milena Stephan (Dresden, Germany)
A photochemical assay for analyzing diacylglycerol dynamics and metabolism at subcellular scales

The integrated view

afternoon / evening

Vivek Malhotra (Barcelona, Spain)
Receptors for the export of collagens and lipoproteins from ER


Student talks

  Zuriñe Antón Helas (Leioa, Spain)
Mitochondrial membrane association of human Atg8 proteins during autophagy
  Kecheng Zhou (Helsinki, Finland)
Ceramide facilitates the interaction between LAPTM4B and the aminoacid transporter CD98 to regulate mTORC1 activity

Poster Pitch, session B


Poster session B


Tuesday, September 6

Session 2b:

Lipids and membrane traffic II: State-of-the-art


Sandra Schmid Lecture II (Dallas, USA)
The complex role of phosphatidylinositol lipids in clathrin-mediated endocytosis


Giampietro Schiavo Lecture II (London, UK)
Role of extracellular matrix in long range traffic in neurons


Thomas Söllner Lecture II (Heidelberg, Germany)
Molecular mechanisms clamping and triggering membrane fusion

  Erdem Karatekin (New Haven, USA)
Dilation of fusion pores by soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment protein receptor (SNARE) proteins


Student talks

  Maria Balazova (Ivanka pri Dunaji, Slovakia)
Specific degradation of phosphatidylglycerol in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

The integrated view: Progress in organelle and protein dynamics

afternoon / evening Poster view session B
  David Tareste (Paris, France)
The heptad repeat domains of Mitofusin act as membrane docking and destabilization entities
  Osamu Kuge (Fukuoka, Japan)
Mitochondrial lipid transport and biosynthesis: a role of Ups2-Mdm35

Ulrich Hartle Lecture (Martinsried, Germany)
Chaperone functions in protein folding and quality control


Wednesday, September 7

Session 3b:

Lipids and Organelle function II: State-of-the-art


Thomas Melia (New Haven, USA)
Interfacial regulation of autophagy proteins by the membrane


Zvulun Elazar Lecture II (Rehovot, Israel)
Relationship between neutral lipids and autophagy


James McNew Lecture II (Houston, USA)
Examining the role of ER morphology on neuromuscular function


Bernd Helms  (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Lipid droplet dynamics during hepatic stellate cell activation

  Student talks
  Henriikka Kentala (Helsinki, Finland)
The involvement of ORP2 in cellular energy metabolism

afternoon / evening

Student talks

  Aike Jeucken (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Introduction of lipid droplet organelles in Escherichia coli
  Martina Korber (Graz, Austria)
Regulation of steryl ester metabolism in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  Lisa Johnson (Barcelona, Spain)
Regulation of lipid droplets by the differentially spliced proteins Ymr147-148p and Osw5p

Conference Dinner Co-sponsored by Avanti


Thursday, September 8